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This is the game mode that will truly put your skills as a tanker and a pilot to the test.Commander view, named Binoculars in the controls option, is necessary to look over hills and obstacles.Early German tanks are defined by their huge damage potential.Your tank will suddenly be attached to its target and the momentum will brutally pull it back up.Note: You can drastically speed up the repair process by having a member of your Squad stand near your tank and join the repair process.Flanking is one of the main tactic that must be recognized by everyone.Light Tanks are lightly armoured and small, yet highly mobile and armed with an adequate gun.German BR 6.3 line in War Thunder with. suited to research the German high-tier tanks quite quickly and at the same. of 10 unlocked vehicle slots is.

While looking through the Binoculars, the Gunner can be ordered to aim where you are looking, by left-clicking.This bad boy could flank the target quickly, fire a shot, then retreat with relative ease.

Gun Loading: Quite clear, reduces the time needed to reload the gun.This section will focus on what to upgrade first in your tank and crew, as well as which tank tree best suits your play style.The capture of these point results in a nice reward so it is suggested to attempt to capture as many as possible.Armour on the cruiser tanks are at a minimum to keep speed, but will improve as you move down the rank.

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The best strategy to destroy enemy planes is to gain a higher altitude than them, then dive and shoot them down.

War Thunder is a cross-platform MMO combat game for PC, PS4, Mac and Linux, dedicated to World War II military aviation,. War Thunder’s tank combat is more.At Rank V, the Americans present the newer Patton series with the M46 Patton, M47 Patton, and the M60 Patton.

It is recommended that your first game be Arcade since the hit and penetration indicator reduces the importance of knowing all about the enemy tanks.Fire Extinguishers work the same way - they give you the ability to activate them to extinguish fire, two times before running out.Flanking is the movement of units to get around the enemy to their sides, then hitting them.This tank goes up against the German Tiger II and can do great in battle.All these SPAAs excel in their performance against aircrafts, but are terrible against ground forces and should not ever be used as a vehicle to engage enemy tanks.German tank destroyers have decent front armour, and powerful guns.

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Remember, getting 5 kills and a loss will result in a smaller reward than 3 kills and a win.If possible, you can also aim at the small clearing above the track, but below the sloped side armour to hit an unsloped 45 mm side plate behind the track.Choosing crew slot with silver star for the vehile, not have to purchase, not waste SL.Page 10 of 14 - War Thunder - posted in Video Games!: who cares if the Russians are as OP as in world of tanks Im happy >.> Evil person! XD.Will become indispensable with higher BR tanks, due to rising Automatic Repair costs.The best way to use these tanks is in front line combat and flanking.

German BR 7.7 line for Realistic ground battles in War Thunder with Maus,. German super-heavy tank ‘Maus’ (Mouse) in War Thunder. (10 slots) line for.Rank IV introduces the M41A1 Walker Bulldog, which ups the firepower from the M24 Chaffee with the 76 mm cannon, capable of taking out tanks with comparative ease to the 37 mm and 75 mm guns.

However, the higher profile and turret also gives these tanks a better gun depression than the casemates so you can enter a hull-down position behind a hill and damage the enemy while exposing very little of yourself.Flexibility is the key of the medium tanks, giving you free reign in what you will do to dominate the battlefield.However, at Rank III, the stronger M4 Sherman variants with the 76 mm guns, M4A1(76)W Sherman and M4A2(76)W Sherman, are introduced that are more capable of competing against its opponents, though still having a weaker armour compared to its adversaries.With these tanks you have to keep moving from place to place, and use your speed to avoid being hit.you can use each bush once on as many tanks as you like you can buy each bush up to 5 times, being able to attach the same bush in all 5 slots on your tank (again as.Their armament has terrible penetration but shells have good explosive content.This section will discuss which tanks to research first, as well as give the reasons why or why not.

It could still be taken out with a good hit from an enemy, so care must still be taken as it is still a light tank.Ambush the T-34 on its sides, it is less sloped than the front armour.Beginning with the M2A4 light tank, this path focuses on very fast tanks with an adequate weaponry to take out tanks around its battle rating, however requiring skillful use of the tank to take out more powerful tanks it may face higher in the rank.

By Rank IV, the firepower and armour of the medium tanks start to wane in the presence of the stronger heavy tanks such as the IS-2 and Tiger II.However, the strategy remain unchanged in making sure you do not even take a single enemy hit, as a single hit will end you.Thus, the two countries mainly have tank destroyers with a rotating turret (though each have their own examples of a fixed gun such as the M3 GMC and Archer ).SPOILERS! War Thunder Thread #5:. I quit World of Tanks in favor of War Thunder long ago. 10,000 silver credits for the fourth slot IIRC,.