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This property holds whether the line edit draws itself with a frame.When this property is set to Qt::VisualMoveStyle, the line edit will use visual movement style.

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Returns the index of the character directly after the selection in the line edit or -1 if no text is selected.

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This unit moves along the introduction of the QLineEdit class.QLineEdit - One-line text editor. void QLineEdit::cut [virtual slot]. please report them to [email protected]If the end result would not be acceptable to the current validator, nothing happens.

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The table below shows the characters that can be used in an input mask.

The indicator for the currentPositionChanged() signal works much the.

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Returns the index of the first selected character in the line edit or -1 if no text is selected.This is useful when a default value has been inserted because if the user types before clicking on the widget, the selected text will be deleted.Copies the selected text to the clipboard, if there is any, and if echoMode () is Normal.

. qt/src/widgets/qlineedit.h 2.3.10 edited 2005-01-24. ** ** Licensees holding valid Qt Enterprise Edition or Qt Professional Edition.Category: QT4. QT GUI. Create Simple GUI Applications with Python and Qt; PyQt4 QLineEdit. Signals can be connected with a slot,.This is the first unit where I introduce the QLineEdit widget. This video focuses on an example application that demonstrates all the slots this widget.

The Line Edits example demonstrates. ("Line Edits")); } The slots respond to signals. Licensees holding valid Qt Commercial licenses may use this document in.void QLineEdit::cut [virtual slot] Copies the selected text to the clipboard and deletes. Possible Values are Qt::AlignAuto, Qt::AlignLeft, Qt::AlignRight and Qt::.Update: QLineEdit accepts the shortcut override for this combination. It might be fixable in Qt, but you can also work around this bug by creating a subclass of.This class inherits QCheckBox and can be enabled and disabled.

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QInputDialog Class Reference. QString label, QLineEdit.EchoMode mode = QLineEdit.Normal, QString text = '', Qt. The signal will be disconnected from the slot.

If the current validator disallows deleting the selected text, cut() will copy without deleting.This function was introduced in Qt 4.6. QLineEdit.setValidator (self, QValidator) Sets this line edit to only accept input that the validator, v, will accept.The completion mode is set using QCompleter::setCompletionMode ().Emitted when the selection is changed in the line edit and also when.This function creates the standard context menu which is shown when the user clicks on the line edit with the right mouse button.The text can be arbitrarily constrained using a validator () or an inputMask (), or both.

The echo mode determines how the text entered in the line edit is displayed (or echoed) to the user.To get range control (e.g., for an IP address) use masks together with validators.void setAlignment ( Qt::Alignment flag) See also Qt::Alignment. void QLineEdit::cut [slot] Copies the selected text to the clipboard and deletes it,.If truncation occurs any selected text will be unselected, the cursor position is set to 0 and the first part of the string is shown.

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The width returned, in pixels, is usually enough for about 15 to 20 characters.2 Answers 2 解决方法. First off, no this isn't expected behavior, i.e. selecting a QLineEdit should not cause it's editingFinished signal to be emitted.However, if the content is horizontally centered, the placeholder text is not displayed under the cursor when the line edit has focus.