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DB-backed python logging.Handler subclass that uses kvlayer, and provides command-line tools.Deployment of physical machines using OpenStack Ironic and Ansible.A python interface to produce and consume Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) v2.0 messages.Easily store and display tweets from a set of users or tweets about a given topic.

A TiddlyWeb plugin that provides an indexed search interface using Whoosh.Python bindings for KFReader, a library from the ADF computational chemistry package.An intelligent grader that allows secured and automated testing of code made by students.Efficient serialisation interface from ndarray-focused objects to HDF5.A Gearman worker to do distributed job persistence for reliable delivery.

A recipe to provide facts about the context a buildout is running in.Current version works with bottle framework and pymongo however a previous version supported sqlalchemy and other frameworks could be supported.Python interface to running command-line and web-based MHC binding predictors.Zope PAS plugin providing authentication against objects in Salesforce.A python interface to Space NOAA Magnetometer, Solar Wind Electron Proton, Differential Flux and Anisotropy Index from ACE and Stereo A, B satellite.Powerful and advanced command line interface building library.

Interactor provides a common interface for performing complex user interactions.Generate SQL tables, load and extract data, based on JSON Table Schema descriptors.Graphical user interface for sub-surface geophysical survey data processing.Backup database and media files via Django admin interface (includes Wagtail admin support).Python wrapper for libguess, a library to determine character encoding of a string.An input file editor with a graphical user interface for the openQCD lattice QCD simulation program.A forked version of Wagtail add-on for showing personalized content.Low level library for communication with the Batlab V1.0 Battery Testing System by Lexcelon.A micro web-framework using asyncio coroutines and chained middleware.

Intfprgm is a pure Python library of decorators to help with interface programming.Django application which provides a template tag interface to the pyreadernaut package.Mistral shared routings and utilities (Actions API, YAQL functions API, data types etc.).HEADLINES. 2018 Spring Headline Dates. Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom** - Buy Tickets Sat/Oct-10 Clifton Park, NY. GBQ Bands TBA? Not to mention.I wanted to view my up to date network usage in a easy to read and friendly way.Table of contents for Problem and pathological gambling / James P. Whelan, Timothy A. Steenbergh, Andrew W. Meyers.A package for solving ordinary differential equations and differential algebraic equations.A reusable Django app that allows to list commands and lauch them with one click.

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Makes it super easy to add extra content to mezzanine pages and also add extended functionality.Python implementation of the IMPBUS-2 data transmission protocol.

MNet Suite is a collection of Python tools for network professionals.CMS for pythonistas who like to code instead of using a web UI for every task.Tools for working with container types, command data operations, and concise exception handling.A graphical user interface version checker for open source project.airport codes with county code. lhg llt lib llp ldc lsy lll lzr loc irg hap lre ldh loa ltv ltp. wtd bah gbq wgf bzl cla ird jsr khl zyl cgp rjh rau.A command line interface for the card database.Interface With an out-of-process (possibly remote) python instance from Matlab.Provides a python interface to interact with a device running OpenWebIf.Lightweight queue interfaces with Redis super powers for distributed and non-distributed systems.

Provides simple interface for threading to easy perform async actions.A library for automatically generating command line interfaces.An implementation of the classic Sudoku puzzle game using the PyCUI interface.This is a python module that provides an interface to the iCTF team API.An interactive, SSL-capable, man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers.

Includes admin ImageField with preview, override for username.Provides a view on contents that displays the list of users having a role on it.User interface for NEURON based on web technologies and Jupyter.

Turns the login form into a portlet manager for easier customization.Extracts variants from a VCF file and inserts them into a Beacon MySQL database.This is a python module that provides an interface to the SWPAG team API.A simple library to interface with iAlarm systems, built for use with Home-Assistant.Integration between structlog and graylog GELF, provided by graypy.