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The Material Fate Model predicts the fate of liquids on and in various materials.Amplimite Ultra-Lite Plug Assembly Connector Ultra-Lite Plug Assembly 109.1 1883005-1.Software that generates and views image products from Commercial SAR sensors.Panteao Productions Make Ready with Dave Harrington: 360 Degree Pistol Skill, Volume 1 PMR001.Fixed Video Boresighting System WK-29-5171-M 76mm Boresighting.Wired carbon fabric designed for military aerospace signature reduction.A component of the Cirrus Airframe Parachut System for the SF50 Very Light Jet.Small, Light Weight, Portable, Resilient Fingerprint Two Finger or Rolled Image Scanner.HS700042 Suspension Modification Kit for the Dodge 3500 Light Commercial Vehicle S-200-M Series HS700042.

Transistor, bipolar junction, small signal, switching, post-prod. selected for radiation tolerance.Covalence Specialty Adhesives, LLC, a division of Berry Plastics Corporation.USML VIII(h) (for the test adapter) USML VIII(i) (related technical data and defense services).High intensity, low frequency acoutics mixing equipment at various weight capacities.

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big bigbird bigblue bigbluebutton. bk2 bk21 bk3 bk31 bk4 bk5 bk52 bk6 bk7 bk8 bk9. blackjack blacklist blacklist_domains.National and International Integrated Catastrophic Health Event - Preparedness and Response System Version 1.0.Wavey Washer or Thrust Washer similar to common compression spring.Wireless Infrared Video Camera System mountable on small arms. (Video sent via 2.4 GHZ wireless).

VIPR (VIP Rugged Security Kit) - Advanced, Mobile, Rapidly Deployable Surveillance System.Z-Bolt Class IIIa Green Line Laser, Green Dot and Line Laser is used to scan rooms in order to detect trip wires.Turboshaft engine used to power AgustaWestland AW609 tilt-rotor civil aircraft.IDARE provides damage control for hull, mechanical and electrical components on board vessels.System to be used to process water from any water source and provide drinking water to user.Injection molded Plastic grip that attaches to a firearm accessory rail.

Pickoff, Photoelectric 139291-02 Lear Instrument Div Cage 35351.Highly sensitive and selective optochemical explosive detection system.

It is cross domain solution that provides controlled uni-directional and bi-directional data transfer betweek two networks.Collapsible, Compact, Spring Operated, Universal forearm brace for pistols and revolvers.

Telemetry Receiver used to receive data on tail rotor of Lynx helicopter (rpm, vibration, etc).Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office - Department of Defense.Power supply specially designed and manufactured for the INS for the P-3 orion maritime aircraft.Remote RF Initiator Firing System RFA, RFB and RFC RFA, RFB and RFC.Predator BK3 Break Cue. Featuring more than a dozen design changes from our renowned BK2,. All new Uni-Loc Steel-Lite Quick Release Joint.

Graphic card with offset aiming points for small arms caliber weapons from helicopter shooting.Three dimensional (3D) imaging system used to creat computerized 3D renderings of objects.

Ablative compound for short term substrate protection from intense thermal and erosive environments.Buy Blackjack Billy tickets from the official site. Find Blackjack Billy tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos.CP Films, Inc., a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, 200 South Wilcox Drive, Kingsport, Tennessee 37662.

Bundled cable consisting of various cable components (i.e., primary conductors and coax cables).Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS) configured for various military customers MOBS-M Configurations 85063-XXX.A software extension to view, explore and edit photo-realistic interactive 3D environments.

Modular wireless haptic control system for mobile robotic platforms.Quantity 2 of two optical components that will be incorporated into final instrument by customer.Analysts and Watchstanders Basic Training course on Principles of Intelligence.Software to input, manage and analyze data for parallel computing cluster workloads.Houghton International Inc., Madison and Van Buren Avenues, Valley Forge, PA 19482.