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Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and.If there is such a thing as a magic bullet for curing cancer, the original Rife machine is it.I hope you learn more about yourself by researching the path she took.If you megadose on vitamin C, the excess will indeed be expelled in urine.Our income disparity helps create an environment where crime is extremely violent and common.

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Since dehydroascorbate crosses the blood-brain barrier, it may be possible to hit them there too.That helped me a fair amount, along with the above very general rules.Some AIDS pts claim benefit, not cure, with IV vitamin C 1-2x per wk.What if the alternative community is right and people like you are wrong.One learns that or one rapidly mentally collapses and finds a different line of work.I do not think you realize how deep it goes with the government, Big Pharma and the medical establishment.

They explicitly attack the cancer cells itself in a damaging way and are more effective against fast dividing cells like cancer.It always comes back because they are not addressing the underlying cause which is the cancer stem cell.Alas, there are times when one only learns by such harmful events.

The website is all Integrative and Naturopathy and Ayurvedic, for these people are broad-spectrum scammers.You also seem to want to judge my character and intelligence as an RN.

Those citations will be forthcoming, and not too far away now.The point is that there still is a need necessity for making those studies, as meticulously as possible.I did a quick search on Pubmed and the only two references were to a couple of PDQ summary papers like this one.Strangely enough, despite all the internet huff and puff about the miraculuous IV vitamin C, and the backing of a Nobel laureate, no-one has ever attempted this at my hospital, nor any other I am aware of.I used herbal ointment (comfrey in a fat base) for my children for diaper rash.But rest assured herr dr, if I ever come across research that directly addresses your query, I shall link it for you.Mushroom extracts including PSK for cancer, serrapeptase for inflammation, CoQ10 for cardiology and vitamin K2 for liver cancer and osteoporosis come to mind.I was quite surprised with the results as I consumed a LOT of broccoli, almonds, brazil nuts and white cabbage.

All that braggadocio turned to mere flatulence and dissipated in the breeze.I would be happy to meet you and talk rationally, not sling mud.Also, I doubt the oncologists would have quoted her a 50% five year survival if she still had her primary tumor in place, because her odds of surviving that long with a completely untreated high grade sarcoma. (Synovial cell sarcomas are nearly all high grade.).HowStuffWorks "How Dieting Works" 14 Humor. Murphy Laws Site - Technology Laws. 2.1M Magic/Illusions. Cushion.

The problem here is one of semantics, because what you really mean is that you expect the pharmaceutical industry to make those discoveries.I have no personal interest in it, other than as one alternative cure for cancer among many others.

Be that as it may, the reason for all the vitriol liberally sprinkled throughout these blog comments.It was never my intention to persuade you about any particular natural cure for cancer.Honestly, I think an adult has the choice to not seek out standard care.Please do tell us how letting cancer tumors grow is so much better.In the course of the heated debate that followed, at least some points were raised that merit a response, and I am honour-bound to reply, though not for the reasons you might think.If this were to be demonstrated, then yes, the explanation may be immune privilege.Another problem, which others have alluded to, is that fighting an existing cancer is a very different problem from preventing cancer.These past few weeks I have done a whole range of different tests for a variety of different things.

Make sure it is supported by PubMed indexed studies by reliable qualified researchers.Next Mike Adams launches a sustained campaign of lies against a friend of the blog April 20, 2016.

Any resemblance between the names of the two is purely coincidental.Amethyst, there is another mode, a more sociopathic mode used by EMS workers and ED staff.The latest glurge on Denatured News exposes the dastardly plot to bribe Thompson into withdrawing his allegations about the MMR paper, courtesy of maverick investigator and star of Retraction Watch, Brian Hooker.